VBG Intech Starting 2021 Big!


Dubai, UAE — 05 January, 2021 — VBG Intech’s BG-S 20″ globe control valve off to another satisfied customer. Contact us on info@vbgintech.com for more information.

SK Engineering Visit to VBG Intech

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Dubai, UAE — April 04, 2018 — VBG Intech (Previously Valtek Sulamericana MENA)   welcomed ​SK Engineering and Construction, a South Korean based company. SK E&C is a renowned international company that does design, procurement, construction embracing … Read More

GAMA Power Visit at Valtek Sulamericana

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Dubai, UAE — April 06, 2017 — Valtek Sulamericana Dubai, welcomed ​the ​Procurement ​and Engineering ​Manager​s​ ​of​ GAMA Power, a Turk​ish based leading power generation EPC contractor to it’s Dubai Control Valve Manufacturing Facilities​. “Meeting … Read More