Dragon Oil Approves Valtek Sulamericana


Dubai, UAE — December 30, 2015 — Valtek Sulamericana, a leading global manufacturer of Control Valves has been prequalified by Dragon Oil.

Dragon Oil, is a leading upstream oil and gas exploration, production and development company based in Dubai, UAE and operating in offshore Turkmenistan has approved Valtek Sulamericana as a prequalified manufacturer and supplier of Control Valves.

Dragon Oil completed its pre-qualification activities of Valtek Sulamericana after carrying out an extensive audit at Valtek Sulamericana’s Dubai manufacturing facility. The pre-qualification audit was carried out by Dragon Oil’s Head of Engineering, Reservoir Development Manager, and a support team from the contracts and quality department.

“The Dragon Oil pre-qualification is yet another seal of approval of Valtek Sulamericana’s Dubai manufacturing abilities.” said Valtek Sulamericana’s Middle East President, M.G. Binghalib. “We look forward to working closely supporting Dragon Oil in all their Control Valve requirements in the near future.”

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