Conventional Globe Style

The VBG Intech BG-S globe-style control valve body features a streamlined and smooth passageway. The internal passage of the control valve body is designed to maintain a nearly constant area with no pockets, allowing high-capacity flows with minimum turbulence. The BG series control valve bodies are engineered and designed to maintain uniform wall thickness, resulting in optimized weight and cost. The benefits of these optimizations are greatly felt when a control valve body is manufactured in exotic alloys.

Angle Style Body

A VBG Intech BG-A control valve body, an “Angle Globe Body Style” is fully interchangeable with a standard BG-S Globe Style control valve. Other than the actual body, all components are the same. Depending on the application for which the control valve is intended, the BG-A angle style globe control valve body may be supplied with an optional venturi-type seat ring, which extends itself up to the outlet flange of the body and provides additional protection against erosive applications.

Three Way Body

Three way bodies are used in applications with converging flow (mixing action) or diverging flow (by pass action). Due to the BG-3 control valve design being highly interchangeable, a standard globe valve can be easily be converted into a three-way valve with the simple addition of a three way adapter, one upper seat, two gaskets, and a special plug suitable for three-way valves.

Steam Jacketed Body

The BG-S steam jacket design control valve uses a globe-style body equipped with oversized blind flanges for full jacketing or standard flanges for a partial jacket. The standard jacket is designed top operate with saturated steam at 150 psig (10.3 Bar) and is equipped with NPT threaded connections (other connections are available on request). When ordering a control valve equipped with a steam jacket, the user should specify the jacket type type designed, as well the steam quality, and the number and type of connections needed.