Specialist Services Visit Valtek Sulamericana Dubai

S RNews

Dubai, UAE — September 27, 2017 — Valtek Sulamericana Dubai, welcomed ​the ​Procurement ​and Engineering ​Team​ ​of​ Specialist Services Group, a global supplier of modular buildings and packaging solutions for people and equipment in the oil and gas and utility industries to it’s Dubai Control Valve Manufacturing Facilities​.

“This visit has helped us definitely to get aware of the engineering capability and product quality of Valtek Sulamericana control valves. The working philosophy covering material traceability, testing and quality inspection at each step of fabrication is extensive. Excellent housekeeping and fully automated truly reflect the quality of product that is being developed with better lead time.” said Ms.​​ Jhoana Fruto, of Specialist Services.​

Specialist Services toured the manufacturing facilities, and were given an overview of the engineering and design department’s activities.